Testimonials from Middle School Students (Presentations on Bullying & Intimidation)

 "[Your presentation] was a real eye opener for us. The enthusiasm you presented with was amazing! I hope you continue your work with others because it really helped me." - Mark S.

"I am writing you this letter because I wanted to thank you for coming to our class and talking to us. I think everybody in the class enjoyed and learned a lot from the presentation. We all hope you can come back again!" - Marina B

"My class and I recognized your commitment to this subject and think you are a great leader. I think you are a good person to teach and all kids like you. Thank-you for the time you give to others." - Andrew K.

"If anyone else did the presentation I don't think that I would have liked it at all. I don't mind if you come in again and talk to us about something, I'd probably like it just as much. Thank you very much for coming in to talk to us." - Chad F.

"I would like to thank you for all your support. They way you told the class made it more interesting to learn and not so boring. On behalf of me I would like to say thanks for all you helped me with." - Jesse W.

"The presentation was very good. It was good that you had so much energy, so you could do that presentation so good. Thank you for that wonderful presentation." - Kimberly K.

"Thank you for coming in to teach us. I really enjoyed the presentation and hope you can give it again!" - Troy B.

"You presented very well and gave it a twist with your awesome humour." - Ashley A.


From Skill Development Groups & Individual Teens:

"Thank you for everything you have done for me in the last year. You have helped me overcome many of my obstacles that I have faced. Probably more than we have even talked about." Brittney (age 14)

"A Poem For Val... When you need a friend to confide, There's a special person by your side. Through struggles, strifes, you've been there for me, Worries and fights, I was never left be. A gift so precious as a friend, That teaches the way, who understands. You've taught me courage, to remain, be brave and patient under pain. You've taught me I have to live with myself, Decisions I make affect my overall growth. To love people for who they are Not their looks, We're all shining stars. Thanks again for your courage to lend A person so great, a loving friend." - Brittney (age 14)

"Thank you so much for teaching me important skills that I will use all my life. Being teached by you, in my eyes, I think I have become a better person. Thank you for everything and anything you did." - Leanne L. (age 14)

"I remember all the times we sat at that table and had all the discussions we had, when we had emotional times, both happy and sad. You helped each one of us through our bad times. I had a great time and I hope you did too." - Stacey Z. (age 13)

"I would like to take the time right now to thank you for helping everyone here through rough times." - Ashley H. (age 13)

"You have a gift of making people smile during tears, laugh in the darkest moods and feel good on those days when there's nothing to feel good about!! You really are blessed. Thanks for showing me how to see the good in others, and like people for who they are. Thank you helping me to accept the faults in me and be grateful for the good things. Thank you so much for teaching me the important things and helping me to better understand life." - Megan (age 15)

"Thank you for helping me out this year. You made me look forward to Thursdays.You're awesome." - Alyssa (age 15)

"Thanks for everything. You helped me out a lot. And also turned my life around. Thanks again for being there for me, and really caring." - Amanda (age 14)

"You are an exceptional person and a strong soul. You are one of my favourite people."- Lacie B. (age 14)

"People say babies are angels but I think you are a angel. You have touched my life in so many ways. You have helped me through my struggles and I wanted to say Thankyou." - Rebecca S. (age 14)

"Dear Val, I just thought I would write you a letter and tell you some things. 1. You are an amazing woman and you have helped me deal with a lot of things. 2. I want you to know how many lives you have touched. Every person that you have taught that I have talked to has shared some good thoughts of you with me. Love always, Ali." (age 17)

"Thank you for seeing all of my sides and never once judging me." - Allana (age 15)

"You understand me better than anyone I've ever met before." - Samantha (age 16)


Parent Testimonials:

Val has been a great help to my 7 year old son. Before meeting Val, he had frequent bathroom accidents and was unwilling to participate in any out of school activities. Even during school activities he would often sit on the side lines and just watch. Val has made it safe for Ryan to be himself. He now enjoys violin lessons, which he asked to take. And even was a star of the show during a recent recital. He has much less frequent accidents and enjoys singing and other group activities at school. Our family is very grateful for Val's expertise. She has also shown that she genuinely cares about our son as a person not just as a client.  - Heidi (mom) & 7 year old son

My daughter and I were both initially nervous coming to see you, but you put us at ease immediately. You were comforting, helpful, and very thorough. You walked us through the whole process so we knew exactly what to expect. The techniques you taught us were immediately effective and R was able to put them into practice right away. It worked!  - Jesse (dad), & 13 year old daughter

When my daughter and I came to see you, I realized that I had not been a very effective communicator with her...and I didn't know that I didn't know that. I often missed the whole point. You taught me how to talk and listen to her the way she communicates rather than the way I talk. I finally feel like I understand how to communicate with her and it was so easy. I could start using the techniques you taught us right and way and they work beautifully.  - Carlie (mom) & 12 year old daughter

My son benefited very much from the time he spent with Val. Building on a wonderful relationship of trust and fun that she established, Val taught my son, in a very age appropriate way, that he could be master of his own emotions. He had previously often been overwhelmed by anger; she gave him a set of tools that has resulted in him often walking away from a situation and managing his reactions rather than exploding. This has helped our family tremendously in restoring a sense of peace.  - Natasha (mom) & 8 year old son

Val was recommended to us by a friend.  At a moment’s notice she came over directly to see my teenage daughter during a very upsetting time. Val was easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and also extremely caring.  My daughter was immediately comfortable with Val and her help was invaluable.  - Chris (mom) & 12 year old daughter). 

And here's what Chris' daughter had to say:  When I was working with Val, we covered a variety of issues, most of them to do with anxiety.  Val helped me to learn how to calm myself and get my anxiety under control in stressful situations.  Some of these tools include breathing techniques, learning how to relax, and other things that I found helped me (hobbies). Val is very easy to talk to, she is an excellent listener and is very understanding. I enjoyed working with Val, she helped me to get through my anxiety and come out of my shell.  I am very thankful for all that she has done for me.