Parent Coaching Course

Get the practical tools and deep insights to help you defeat your child's anxiety monsters.This highly interactive video-workbook course guides you step-by-step in creating a uniquely personalized coaching plan. This first unit contains two interactive video-workbook lessons that can be done prior to ordering or receiving the Closet Monster Battle Kit.

By the end of the program you will have created an individualized plan tailored to your specific context and have developed a range of techniques to support your child and lead them to a place of strength and peace.


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Part One

This first unit in the Parent Coaching Course explores two key questions:

1. What is anxiety? 

In this first lesson, we are going to take a look at the thing we call anxiety; what it is, what purpose it serves, and how we and our children might experience it. We’ll look at how anxiety shows up in children and identify some of the behaviours that might be anxiety related. We will also take a look at how YOU approach anxiety and your anxious child, and I’ll offer some suggestions that will start you off in becoming the best coach you can be for your child.

2. Are we communicating right?

In the second lesson, we are going to brush up on our communication skills. What is your child trying to tell you? And how are you answering? You will learn (or refresh) your active listening skills and begin demonstrating these in conversations with your child. I encourage you to put these skills to use right away and continue using them throughout this course...and beyond. Remember, each skill builds on another, so practise is important!

Course Contents:

  • What is Anxiety?
  • Communication Skills
  • Part 1 Actions
  • Quiz 1
  • The Parent Coaching Course - What's Next...
Part Two

This second section of the Parent Coaching Course includes:

3. The Language of Emotions 
In this video will look at one of the basic building blocks for good mental health - developing an emotional (feelings) vocabulary. We’ll talk about why it is so important and look at ways in which you can help your child become fluent in the language of emotions.

4. Breathing 
In this lesson, we will learn about the critical role proper breathing techniques play in reducing and managing anxiety. You’ll develop your own breathing practice and modelling plan for teaching and coaching your child.

5. Relaxing 
Here we will focus on relaxing the body. This is often easier said than done! Get ready to learn some fun techniques you can help your child practice - and enjoy yourself.

6. Thinking 
​In this lesson, we look at a very challenging area of anxiety management - mastering our thoughts. We’ll talk about unhelpful thinking, our self-talk, and the stories we tend to tell ourselves that increase anxious thinking. We will also explore some of the activities from The Closet Monster Battle Kit to assist you in coaching your child into healthier, more helpful ways of thinking.
Course Contents:

  • The Language of Emotions
  • Breathing
  • Relaxing
  • Thinking and Thinking and Thinking...
  • Part 2 Actions
  • Quiz 2
Part Three

In this final section of the course, we will look at:

7. 'Eating to Reduce Anxiety'  

In this lesson, we are going to talk about food! Your child’s diet plays an important role in anxiety, so we’ll take a look at any foods that might be contributing to anxiety symptoms. We’ll also talk about some safety in the kitchen issues and tips for the reluctant chef.

8. 'Anxiety Preparedness Plans'  

This brief lesson will guide you in helping your child assemble their Anxiety Preparedness Plan(s). These will be a big help in reminding your child what to do when anxiety strikes.

9. 'Bedtime Routines'  

Finally, we will look at the importance of a consistent bedtime routine. You will have an opportunity to plan bedtime routines and rituals that will help your child - and YOU - get a peaceful night’s rest, not to mention experience some peace-enhancing, bonding time.

Course Contents:

  • What's That You're Eating?
  • The Anxiety Preparedness Plan
  • BONUS: Bedtime Routines
  • Part 3 Actions
  • Quiz 3

  • Final Quiz

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