Guided Relaxation Audio Bundle

Learning to relax is a fundamental skill for anxiety management. These audio recordings guide you into physical and mental relaxation. Whether you or your child need a short break to re-centre or a little help falling asleep, these recordings will take you there gently and easily.
$ 29.00

The pack contains two audios for kids and two for parents / caregivers.

Kid Recording #1:  Relax and Think Positively

This 11 minute audio will help you to relax and calm yourself through easy guided exercises for body and mind. 

Kid Recording #2:  Relax and Imagine

During this 20 minute audio recording you will relax your body as you follow the easy instructions. Then enjoy an imaginary adventure as you relax your mind and prepare for peaceful sleep. 

Parent Relaxation Session #1: Relaxing Body and Mind

Take a peaceful 18 minutes to relax body and mind with this guided relaxation session created specifically for those parenting or caring for an anxious child.  

Parent Relaxation Session #2:  A Mental Vacation

Need a vacation but can’t get away? Relax and find peace with this 15 minute relaxation session for parents or caregivers of anxious children.


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