The Closet Monster Battle Kit

A practical guide for children and families struggling with anxiety, the Closet Monster Battle Kit offers dozens of tools and techniques for managing anxiety. Includes a downloadable version of the first two chapters so you get started right away while we mail you your kit.
$ 197.00

But this is so much more than just another work book. The Closet Monster Battle Kit comes with a collection of:​

• physical props and games for practicing anxiety relieving techniques

• activities to appeal to young artists, performers, & budding photographers

• an array of delicious, kid friendly recipes for the aspiring chef (to feed the body without feeding the anxiety!)

• thoughtful, quiet activities

• get off the couch activities

• family projects and activities

The kit also entitles you to access to our parent support forums.

See Sample Pages from the Workbook

Guided Relaxation Audio Bundle

Learning to relax is a fundamental skill for anxiety management. These four audio recordings guide you into physical and mental relaxation. Whether you or your child need a short break to re-centre or a little help falling asleep, these recordings will take you there gently and easily. Value: $39 

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A practical guide and actual tool kit for children and families struggling with anxiety, the Closet Monster Battle Kit offers a collection of tools and techniques for managing anxiety. The kit will be shipped to your door, and you get access to the first chapters of the guidebook online right away.


Imagine a decrease in your child's outbursts, in crying, sick days, refusal to participate, sleep disturbances...and an increase in interest, enthusiam, participation, in activities and friendship, self management, relaxation. Our complete anxiety management package for kids and their parents or caregivers the tools and skills to defeat anxiety monsters once and for all by learning essential skills for reducing and managing anxiety.