Meet Val

More about Valerie Ostara: Closet Monster Battle Coach


I am a special education teacher, child & youth care counsellor, life management skills coach, and clinical hypnotherapist.

I have worked and played with children for over twenty years, bringing social and coping skills programs to students from preschool to high school, in schools, outreach and community programs, alternative education settings, and in private practice. My vision is to be a trusted provider of online anxiety reducing programs and products that are creative, effective, and that will enhance the well-being of families by driving out those pesky monsters and bringing peace into their homes. 

Do you remember the monsters that used to live in your closet… or under your bed?

Imagine the difference it would have made if you’d had the weapons to defeat them in your hands.  While the swords, shields and spells I use are neither dangerous or magical, they are practical and effective. I know because I have successfully used them myself…and so have many others I have taught.

How I arrived here springs from my own experiences of abandonment, loneliness, and anxiety as a child. The death of my adored father when I was four years old, and subsequent emotional collapse of my mother, left me confused and terrified. I had no answers and no strategies for survival or emotional fitness. I fumbled my way through childhood afraid, depressed, and withdrawn. I learned the lessons of anxiety very well.

Anxiety hurts us, limits us, and prevents us from living fully and joyfully. It is my purpose and passion to assist families in defeating the anxiety monsters that hide under the beds and in the closets of their children’s minds. I aid children in nurturing themselves by teaching and coaching self-management skills and anxiety reduction techniques. I support and guide parents by giving them the knowledge and support they need to become strong, solid coaches for their children.

We are a team.

Between us, we’ve got everything we need to defeat anxiety monsters and lead our children into their own place of strength and peace. I can show you how.