Sound Mind Essentials Pack


The Closet Monter Battle Kit and accompanying Parent Coaching Course are where we recommend starting. You can start the course online straight away while we make sure the kit is on its way to your door.  You can order both components directly below, or visit our shop to order items individually.


Essentials Pack: Closet Monster Battle Kit + Online Parent Coaching Course

Imagine a decrease in your child's outbursts, in crying, sick days, refusal to participate, sleep disturbances...and an increase in interest, enthusiam, participation, in activities and friendship, self management, relaxation. Our complete anxiety management package for kids and their parents or caregivers the tools and skills to defeat anxiety monsters once and for all by learning essential skills for reducing and managing anxiety.


Extended Description: 

Component 1: The Closet Monster Battle Kit  

​(Price when sold individually: $127)

This anxiety management toolkit-in-a-box is an interactive system for defeating anxiety monsters. The kit contains a collection of creative strategies and tools that Valerie Ostara has created, curated, and used in over 25 years as a special education teacher, youth worker, life management skills coach, and clinical hypnotherapist.  You and your child (age 7-12)  will learn practical, effective, FUN techniques for taming your child's own closet monsters.

This is not just another workbook!  

The Closet Monster Battle Kit contains real props and pieces for hands-on learning.

 See sample pages from the Workbook...


Component 2: A Child Anxiety Online Parent Coaching Course  

(Price when sold individually: $99)

Start being the best coach you can be for your anxious child...right away. This 9 lesson course will help you get the most out of the Closet Monster Battle Kit while practicing essentials skills for effective parenting. Learn skills and techniques you can use immediately to guide your child toward self-management and empowerment. The program includes a complete Closet Monster Battle Kit, access to parent forums, and the bonus three-part video course for kids, “Battling Fear Monsters.”

This 9 Lesson Course:

• Delivers an online interactive video-based program to help you create a unique, individualized closet monster battle plan - complete with notes, tip sheets, skill drills, and family homework.

• Provides you with a basic understanding of anxiety and how it shows up in children, and a greater understanding of the techniques presented in the Kit.

• Prepares you to guide and lead your child through the exercises and techniques presented in the kit. In this course, I will walk you through the CMBKit, teaching you invaluable skills for helping your child and family defeat anxiety monsters once and for all!

• Equips you with practical, essential skills you can put to use IMMEDIATELY to guide your child in their journey toward peace and self-management.

• Gives you access to our parent forums. 

And we'd also love you to have this:

Bonus Component: Relaxation and Guided Imagery Recording for Kids and Caregivers  

(Price when sold individually: $29)

Learning to relax is a fundamental skill for anxiety management. These four audio recordings guide you into physical and mental relaxation. Whether you or your child need a short break to re-centre or a little help falling asleep, these recordings will take you there gently and easily.